Yarhisar Destroyer Ship Wreck:

Yarhisar Destroyer Ship Wreck

Yarhisar's construction has been completed in 1907 by Forges Et Chantiers De La Gironde . She was a French Durandal class destroyer.

		 Size:		 57.5m * 6.3m * 3.17m

		 Engine Power:   4800 hp

		 Crew:		 52  

                 Weight:         280 tons

                 Speed:          28 knots

                 Gunsr:          1 6,5cm gun

                                 6 4,7cm guns

                                 2 45cm torpedo tubes

Yarhisar destroyer under the command of Lt. Cdr. Ahmet Hulusi had been sunked in the gulf of Izmit between Yalova and Tuzla by the E-11 submarine under the control of Lt. Cdr. Naismith in 3rd of December 1915. 42 of her crew died which 36 of them being Turks and others being German. The torpedo strucked to the engine room and the destroyer torned in to two pieces. Some of the survivors have been kept heldive by the E-11 submarine. Her coordinates today are 40 45’ N, 29 30’ E.

The photograph belongs to another ship from Durandal Class.