Shipwrecks in Turkiye, Their Histories and Wreck Diving

Turkiye Shipwrecks - Turkey Wrecks:

With its limitless wrecks, Turkiye is a wreck paradise. Turkey is a diving paradise. With its unfinded Wrecks, Turkey is a wreck diving paradise. Turkish seas has been a cemetry for various ships and a lot of brave sailors because of Turkey's geopolitical position, meeting point of Europe and Asia, and because of wars made for Turkey and because of a lot of other reasons. In the old days, becuse sea transportation could only be done by following shore, ships coming from south must first travel through mediterrenan and than aegian shores of Turkey. And lots of these ships couldn't finish their trips and They become historical wrecks in Turkish seas. These wrecks are still being a source for the past. A lot of war ships also get their everlasting resting place in Turkish seas during World War I, II (Dardanelles Campaign) and other wars. These wrecks can make you shiver even in underwater and they make you feel and think about the war.

Because of the reasons stated above and other reasons, Turkish seas have been a door to past by having the World's oldest shipwrecks and archeological sites. Turkish seas are one of the most crowded seas of the World with wrecks. Especially Marmara and Dardanelles Region are being home to a lot of war ship wrecks because of the Sea Wars made in these regions like World War I.These War Ship Wrecks are showing the density and importance of the war and how hard it was to get our freedom. What a shame it is that we even dont know about this wrecks or we cant dive them; maybe because of the insufficent works or unknown reasons.

I completed my wish in this site that is to make a resource of the wrecks in Turkish Seas by collecting information from the internet, books and other resources for divers or individuals who are interested in the subject. Altough surely some information is still missing and some of the wrecks' places are still unknown. In time I hope I will complete these informations. And obsolutely I am waiting for your help who knows things or have resources about these wrecks. I am sending my respects and thanks to whoever worked to find these wrecks, whoever helped to enlighten us about these wrecks.

I wish we all can dive to these shipwrecks, to this victorous and sad history. I wish we can protect these wrecks from simple minded divers and i wish we improve our diving tourism.

Z. Özgür Liman

Ankara Dalış Akademisi