Tektas Wreck, Cesme:

Tektas Wreck, Cesme:

It is found that the shipwreck found near the Tektas island that is southeast to Cesme peninsula, belongs to a ship aged 2500 years coming from before the century between 440 and 425 years. In a research maden by INA, it was understood that the Tektas Island and surrounding bays are being a grave to a lot of ships. In this region there is also 5th century wreck, Windmill stones wreck and marble stone wreck.

This wreck has been found by the efforts and researchs of an Underwater Research institute team leaded by Tufan Turanli in 1996. The shipwreck is very important because she is the only wreck that will enlight the Late Classical Era. Besides Sophokles and Socrates, 5th cent. before century was a glorious time of the Classical Era which also a leader like Perikles and a lot of writers, sculptors and philosophs lived.

The shipwreck lies in 42 meters depth. She is 19 meters long. There has been found more than 200 amphoras, oil cans, bones, marble glasses and a marble with an eye figure on it around this wreck. This eye is the "Achilleus' Eye".

The ship parts and artifacts salvaged from the wreck are being shown in the Bodrum Museum.