Samsun Destroyer Ship Wreck:

Samsun Destroyer Ship Wreck

Samsun Destroyer has been completed in 1907 by Normand in France. She was a Durandal class French destroyer. They were built with a turtledeck forecastle with two masts and two funnels. This class had ajor problems with their boilers.

		 Size:		 57.5m * 6.3m * 3.17m  

                 Weight:         280 tons

                 Speed:          28 knots

		 Complement:	 52

		 Engine Power:	 4800 hp

                 Guns:           1 6,5cm gun

                                 6 4,7cm guns

                                 2 45cm torpedo tube

According to the Turkish resources, Samsun destoryer under the command of Lt. Cdr. Nezir Abdullah from Uskudar has been sunked near Hora (Khora) in sea of Marmara in 14th of August 1915 by the English submarine E-11. But according to the foreign sources "COnway's" and "Jane's Fighting Ships", this ship survived the war with her two sister ships from the same class.

The photograph is another ship's from Durandal class.