Pati Shipwreck

		IMO Number	:	5340338

		Call Sign	:	4LHT

		Ship Type	:	General Cargo Ship

		DWT		:	951

		DOB		:	July 1956

		Flag		:	Georgia

Pati was, carrying refugees from Israel to Greece. She had to stop at the Antalya Harbour which was on her way. The weather had became very bad when she was anchored at Antalya Harbour. But because of the refugees she couldn't stay at the harbour for too long. Despite of all the warnings of the harbour authorities, the captain decided to leave. And told the authorities that her ship was empty. But she was carrying 73 refugees locked in her cargo compartment besides of the 10 crew. Some of the refugees were from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afgan, Syria and Moroco.

After a while she was departed from the Antalya harbour, she couldn't manage to resist to the storm because of a malfunction in her machine room. And she ranaground and sunke on a strange sunday day, 01/01/2001.

Including the rescue operations two days after the accident, 33 of the people had been rescued. It is known that the first 10 survivors held in custody in order to learn if they were from the crew or refugee. All of the survivors were on thier 20's and 30's.

The first ten survivors were identified as Joga Singh, Des Raj, Sarabjeet Singh, Stam Singh, Shavanna Singh, Sukhdev Singh, Sagev Singh, Jogo Singh, Stam and Harnam Singh. It was understood by the statements taken from the survivors that most of the people that couldn't be saved were locked in the cargo compartment that was in the sunken part of the ship.


The ship torn into two pieces while sinking. One part lies on her starboard at 12 meters depth and other part ran aground on a rocky surface. The wreck, also called "Refugee Wreck", can be seen from the above of the water. The ship lies on her starboard. The depth is maximum 12 meters. The life around the wreck grows everyday and it is possible to see a lot of different species around here.

The coordinates of the wreck is:
36 deg 34 min 51.05 sec N
30 deg 35 min 18.35 sec E