Mirna-M Ship Wreck:

Mirna-M Ship Wreck


She sunked in Yassi Island, Bodrum in 1993.

Libyan freighter.




IMO No. 7908794

CLASS: Nippon Kaiji Kyokai / Croatian Register

PRODUCER: Kurushima Tersanesi, Japonya

PREVIOUS NAME: Washington Wood

PRODCUTION DATE: December 1979

REGISTERED OWNER: Losinjska Plavidba D.D.

Length            151,35 m


Inner Length      140,00 m


Width             26,00 m


Height            13,50 m


Weight            13 544 Ton


Net Weight        7 957 Ton


Max Weight        22 635 Ton


Capacity          28 226 m3 / 996 802 ft3


Cargo Capacity    27 337 m3 / 965 404 ft3


Main Engine       Akasaka UEC 52 / 125 H


Output Power      6 845 kw


Service Speed     13 knot


Researcher captain Tufan Turanli tells about with his meeting with Mirna-M:

My meeting with Mirna-M has happened in a very unecpected time. I saw him while I was returning to Bodrum after a very long and tiresome research in the Izmir region. It was a day in september 1993 which we started feeling the fresh spring air after very hot oppressive summer days. While I was travelling to the south with my research ship Virazon, after I passed the north of the Bodrum peninsula, I saw Turgutreis on the front left of the ship. The Catal island, west of Turgutreis, have come to visual with all of its majesty like a silhouette in the right front of the ship. After my eyes flattered this beautiful island, I turned my eyes to more west to the Yassi island, where all the underwater archeology of Turkey lies and where i dived a lot of times before. Altough I was too far away, I noticed that the island's silhouette wasn't like it had to be. Maybe tiredness was affecting my senses. Maybe I have forgotton how the island look like because I haven't look from this angle of view for a very long time. My eyes got wider, I gave my full attention and looked again. There was a ship on the west of the island and she wasn't moving. And just like an aeroplane , the ship turned her bow to the sky like getting ready to fly. This is how I met with Mirna-M.

I have to tell you an important specialty of Yassi island before I give any information about Mirna-M. Yassi island is a flat island like it is stated in its name to the west of the Bodrum peninsula coming after the Catal island. It is a small island approximately 500 meters long and 3 nautical miles away from Turgutreis. Its not the itself making the island special, its the shallow rock formation that is 150 meters west of the island. As Underwater Archeology Institute, we thought that 26 ships have been collided with this rock and eave their marks through out the history. Some of these ships torn in to pieces and some took water and sunked around this shallow rock formation. Mirna-M who was sharing this unfortunate fate, collided to the rock formation with all its speed in a september night.

When I got closer, I understand what happened to the Mirna-M. I aproached to the Yassi island by turning my research ship's destination to starport. The huge ship was standing with her head to lean against the rock. When I got near and shouted, only ones to answer were the seagulls. Mirna-M was just like a ghost ship. I learned later that after the ship ran aground in the night, her crew abandoned the ship and escaped because of unknown reasons. Mirna-M that has been left to his fate, waited on this shallow rock formation for a very long time. Noone camed to rescue her. Lodos winds started harrasing her with the start of the winter. The waves encouraged by the winds hitted her without any break. And turning her back to her fate and losing all her hopes, Mirna-M slowly slipped down from the rock to the 26 meters depth in a cold winter day where no storm or wave can disturb her.

Last condition of MIRNA-M:

In the dive you can see 2nd cent. Rhodos Wreck that shared the same fate with Mirna-M 1800 years earlier, which was now lying right under the Mirna-M.

Yassi island, one of the 14 islands around Turgutreis is waiting the divers with its deep blue seas. But diving in this region is not allowed. Why? Will there be any archeological studies? No. All the studies around here have been completed years ago and all the artifacts from the dive sites have been taken to the museums. In the depths of Yassi island, archeological studies have been done on the three different ancient shipwrecks that belong to the three different ancient era's. In 1986 (in some sources), a ship called Mirna-M carrying animals have collided to the shallow rocks around the Yassi island and just like the ancient ships that sunked 2000 years earlier, she is now waiting in the blue depths of the island. The diver who is diving in this region, is not being allowed to see and photgraph the huge mystical wreck between very old historical oil and wine amphoras with the colorful sea life without any good reason.

Right near the island, you can free dive to the Mirna-M which its columns still can be seen over the water. No matter how much depth you can dive, the wreck is just under you. Scuba diving is not allowed in this region. The shores of the other islands are also exciting good dive sites.