Lundy Ship Wreck:

Lundy Ship Wreck

Construction Date:

33.5*6.5*2.5 meters
3” pdr gun
188 tons
N 40° 17' 47.3"
E 26° 12' 57.8"(Thx to Hasan Tan)

Lundy was a 188 tonned ship that has been completed in 1908 in England that was belonging to hull steam fishing&Ice co. ltd. Her machine was amos & smith. She was an unmilitary ship before the World War I. After the war started she had been taking by the army and send to Canakkale for use in the mine searching missions. There are three explanations of her usage before the war started; one saying she was a whale hunter, one saying she was a troll ship and one saying she was a cargo ship. If I can get more information about this wreck, I will share it with you here.

Lundy is lying in 28-30 meters in Suvla bay between Buyuk Kemikli and Kucuk Kemikli capes. The ship's sunking is also not known exactly. There is two possibilities. One says that while allied forces retreat they sunked their ship, the other says that she has been mined or torpedoed.

Because in one source it says that she sunked in 16th August 1915, it is more possible that she was sunk by a torpedo or mine. In an other source it says that she sunked by a collision in 16th of August 1915.

Dive Site Lundy:

Lundy Dive site is an easy and safe diving spot, with its complete hull. Because of these, two dives in one day can be made in this site. There is a lot of sea life around the wreck. Lobsters, sponges, groupers and other fish type colonies can be seen around the wreck. The ships lies in 28 meters with a little angle to the port side. While diving to the wreck, if you go to the stern you can see that this part of the ship has been damaged from something like a collision. Lundy has been sunked because of a collision from this part because of unknown reasons in 1915. The ship has been found by the fisherman around this region in 1987 and has been a very popular dive site for the last 8-10 years. This ship shows the specific hammerhead bow type and design of that period. Actually with its structure she seems like she was a small cargo ship. With the long bow of the ship the warehouses come to the attention. The outside of the warehouses has been completely vanished leaving just the skeleton of the structure. Because its topside was covered with wood, they were perished by the passing time and so divers can enter to this part of the wreck. You can get good photographs and videos in this part. But you should be very careful while entering here because of the muddy ground. Just one uncontrolled fin can change everything. If you look carefully you can see a lot of colorful sponges found a place on the ceiling of the warehouses. When you approach to the middle of the ship, you can see the machine rooms windows, port and starport hatches. We can find coal particules in the mud near warehouses because she was a steam ship. In the starport side you can see the passage way from the rotten walls to the machine room. Infront of the machine room there is a chimney opening where we can se the propeller that takes the air out. Unfortunately the chimney has been broken while she sunked. It is lying in the port side of the ship. There are lobsters where the ship meets with sandy bottom. On the sandy bottom around the wreck, different kind of ammunition can be seen. Sometimes its possible to see groupers in the chimney. The captain's chamber is to the back of the ship. Right inside there is a door and a window. When you go inside from here, you can see a small room and some beds around. To the center downwards there are leftovers of a closet. Its hard to understand what you see in the old wrecks like this, because of the sponges and alges that cover everything. After you penetrate the wreck, you should stop for a while and investigate around. The stern part of the ship lies on the sandy bottom where you can see the ships propeller stucked in the sand. For a photographer there are a lot of things for a good composition. Especially if you are planning wide angle photography, a fish eye objective is ideal for this wreck. The bow of the ship will make a good photograph subject also. Anchor and the captain's cabin can be photographed closer. You can take good photos from inside the warehouse. Also there a lot of subjects for macro photography.

In order to make interesting dives to these wrecks, we should protect them, make no harm to them and we shouldn't take anything as a souvenier. By this, the new divers can also visit Lundy in a good undisturbed shape.

Photographs of Lundy

My Photos of Lundy