Water Purifier ShipWreck: HMS Louis Destroyer

Water Purifier ShipWreck: HMS Louis Destroyer

Thanks to Savas Karakas for giving the information that this wreck is HMS Louis.

Coordinates: N 40° 18' 48.2" ; E 26° 13' 32.8" (Thx to Mr. Hasan Tan)

Because she sunk in protected place in Suvla bay, the dive point is a good place for the second dive or for a dive in a bad weather.

The ship was being used to purify drink water from sea water for the soldiers that are on the ground.

The wreck is still in one piece. She lies in 14 meters depth with her water boilers and serpantines.

More information and photos will be added soon about this ship.

HMS Louis destroyer has been completed in 30th of December 1913 in England by J S White At Cowes. She was a Laforey class destroyer. She has been comissioned in 3 different destroyer fleets.


Main Engine Power:
Max Speed:
81.9m * 8.4m * 3.2m
965 tons
3 4" guns
4 torpedo tubes
24500 hp
29 knots

HMS Louis Destroyer has been sunked by Turkish Shore batteries in 31st of September 1915 in Suvla Bay while she was under the command of Lt. Cdr. A.D.A. Hall. In an other source its sunk date has been stated as the 1st of November 1915.