Joule Submarine Shipwreck:

Joule Submarine:

Joule has been ordered in 29th of October 1906 and her production started in 1st of November 1906. Joule was a brumaire class submarine that has been completed in 10th of May 1912 in Toulon dockyards in France.

The name of the English born Physics James Prescott JOULE has been given to the ship. He died in 11th of October 1889 in Salts.




50.75m * 5.42m * 3.05m
13 knots surfaced; 8.8 knots submerged
2 tane 420cv lik dizel motor
2 tane 330cv lik elektrik motor
400 tons (surfaced); 550 tons (submerged)
Louis Georges Marie Félix Auber DUPETIT THOUARS de St George
1 adet 45 cmlik torpido tüpü
37 mm'lik Top

She has activated a few mines while trying to pass Canakkkale mine lines in 1st of May 1915 and sunked with all of her crew near Kephez point where the Canakkale strait is shortest. Offical French Newspaper wrote about joule in 6th of August 1915.

The submarine is lying in 44 meters with her 29 crew without being ever touched. But because of the ship traffic at this point, it is impossible to dive to the submarine.

Captain Louis Aubert du Petit Thouars de Saint Georges

He borned as the second son of Georges-Charles-Henri in Loudun in 7th February 1882. He was coming from a marine family. Her mother sent him to the School of Jesuits in order for him to get ready for the navy school. He joined the navy school as the 18th of the 100 person in 1st of October 1899, aged 17. He became captain in 26th of December 1911. He has been assigned as the captain of the joule submarine in November 1914. He has been sent to Dardanelles in 15th April 1915 under the command of Admiral Boué of Lapeyrère. He has been ordered to pass the straits and attack to the Turkish transports in the 28th of April. But they strucked to a mine while passing and sunked. In the 2nd of May, Agamemnon found the residues of a submarine thaught to be Joule. Second man on the vessel was Sign Fortoul (G.L.).

The Letters Sent to Her Mother

Letter of Vessel lieutenant Defforges

Ténédos, May 9 1915

I have the last one squeezed the hand of your son before his departure for this fatal recognition of which it did not have to return.
Having had the happiness to make his acquaintance to the maneuvers of 1914, I had been located more more more particularly more secured with him since the beginning of our commune existence in the adriatic.
April 15, we left both of them for the Dardanelles. The admiral that liked it and the appreciated by over all other the particularly had chosen for this country and had been done me the very big honor to join my building to his. We had thus become frêres and since this moment it did not be any day where it not me confiat its hopes of some beautiful and useful actions. April 28, the English admiral entrusted us the care of an offensive recognition in the Dardanelles, between Chanak and Nagara. As the oldest one, I left the next day and I will see it always me being said with his generous soul: "That I envy in this moment your seniority! ".
Returned from this recognition with an undeserved happiness, I him communiquai the pieces of information that I had been able to collect and, a lot of enthusiasm and of fervor, it kissed me to evenings of his departure in the night of April 30 to the 1st May and put back me the letter that I taken my dear mother to send you.
I J'attendis in vain his return, and new of source enemy we apprirent that it had fallen glorious for France.
I liked it and I admired it; we liked it all of a deep allocation and the admired in secret for his beautiful chivalrous character, for the nobility of his soul and his modesty despite his recognized value of us all. I you very respectful request to allow me to associate my brotherly sorrow to your immense pain. The name of our dear friend and brother of weapons will remain forever engraved in our heart; it will be synonymous loyalty, of valor and of heroic sacrifice as it was it already in the annalses of a glorious one passed.

Letter of the order of Courteous one (his cousin) on board Doll.

Dardanelles, June 24 1915
I will always remember of this evening that preceded the climbed Joule. Louis had accepted dividing our dinner of the Doll and it had been also by train, also enthusiast, as brilliant as possible. After the meal, we had discussed the envisaged operation and, card to the hand, we had weighed the pros and cons: Louis was said me very clearly this sentence that hit me: "If I leave, I will go to the end, although it arrives, and I will not remain living to the hands of the Turks". And it was so calm, as determined as if it had been a question of an exercise, to such not at all as my second, an old reservist pirate, that itself there knows each other in men, did this reflection: "This officer is someone, and if one must succeed this is him that will succeed! ".
You knew certainly the professional value, the moral qualities, the beautiful character of Louis. To the view point professional, it had a reputation deserve worker, of sea direction, of boss; everyone returned him justice, its superior ones, its friends, its inferior ones that considered it as the better one ordering of submarine one: for my party, I appreciated it of a manner all special one, for it loved his trade and possèdait the sacred fire. As sailor, in a word, it was the hope of the navy!
One can say that in his promotion and in the body of the officiate the same feeling reigned, affection and admiration, without a voice dissonnante; this is in my opinion the most beautiful praise to do him.
At last under the report of the character, it was the very integrity, the incarnate honor, the indifference more complete for the vanities of the trade; I reproached him well often his modesty, but I not never the was able to do to allot of his reserve.
Louis will be one of the more beautiful and nobler victims of this terrible war; and if your pain can console itself, she will find consolations in the memories, the regrets, the unanimous praises, allocation, the admiration of all for this model of the officers.

Letter of the vessel lieutenant Psychic, ordering the submarine Amp

Brindisi, May 24 1916
I received with emotion photographes it of your admirable one and well-loved son, I placed it on board of my submarine one above my sleeping car. She is next to two others photographes, the three alone that be in my room; the a the one of my elder brother, killed glorious on his airplane beyond the Rhine, and the other of my friend Morillot that was the friend, the student fascinated of your son, his successor on the Monge and a hero that we revere.
The tears came me to the eyes while reviewing so living the physionomie of the friend that I liked so.
The men, that liked your son with this instinctive direction of our sailors for the one that they feel race of the big bosses, came in my room to see his photograph and I understood that their thoughts had joined themselves to mine towards the one that was our model. For would not know you to believe the popularity or rather the admiration that our crews had for your son. When one announced that his submarine one returned, one climbed to see it approached.
I review it again on his link, returning from a crossed length and approaching my submarine one to Navarin, I review it under its sea clothing that did not remove nothing to his sveltesse and to his distinction, I review its eyes limpides and good, I hear his clear voice and vibrating. Ah! that it was accomplished! As envy us all this perfect bodies that put it so above us!
His memory with all those that the approached not perish and will be pious kept!
The time that obliterates so many memories can only to embellish the one that we preserve of him, if it remained at friendship or to the vénération some traits that were not traced by his own life.