Haci Ibrahim Ship Wreck:

Haci Ibrahim Ship Wreck

	Gemi Adı   		Ship's Name  		HACI IBRAHIM 



	Tescil Limanı		Port of Registry  	ISTANBUL 


	Çağrı İşareti 		Call Sign  		TCAG9 


	IMO No 			IMO No  		7721902 

	Sicil No 		Turkish Reg No  	4634 


	Sicil Türü 		Registry Type  		1 

	GRT 			GRT  			748 


	NRT 			NRT  			461 

	DWT 			DWT  			1421 


	Klas 			Classification  	AB 

	Tam Boy 		Length  		63,46 m. 

	Su Çekimi 		Draft  			4,45 m. 


	Makine Yapımcısı 	Engine Manifac.  	S.K.L. 

	Makine Gücü 		Engine Power  		1000 

	İnşa Ülke 		Country Built  		TURKIYE 

	İnşa Yeri 		Place Built  		GEMI INSAA 

	İnşa Tarihi 		Date Built  		01.06.1978 


Haci Ibrahim was a dry cargo ship which was completed in 1978. She had been accompolishing her duties till 25th of April 2006. But at 25th of April 2006, after loading 1250 tons of fertilizer as her cargo from Gemlik , she got on her way to Samsun. At 22:40 o'clock captain dispatched from radio that they will anchor at Ahirkapi for refuelling. At that time, the ship called "Iran Magani" was malfunctioned and being towed by the romork "Sandy Cape" for repairements. After five minutes from the radio dispatch, "Haci Ibrahim" crashed to the towing rope(steel) between "Sandy Cape" and the huge 190 meters long "Iran Magani". "Haci Ibrahim" sunked instantly first by his bow and then her stern at 17 miles south of Ahirkapi sea light, near Armutlu, Bozburun, Yaloca.

The main search and rescue headquarters in Ankara stated that they got the S.O.S. message from the Epirb of the ship and they marked the ship's coordinates. At 22:55, Coast Security-10 fast boat and Coast Guard Teams got on their ways to the ship. 4 of the 9 crew have been rescued, leaving 5 dead behind.