Captain Frangos Wreck:

Captain Frangos Wreck

Although she isn't an historical wreck, she is a pretty good diving spot. Captain Frangos was sunk when she was going Varna from Malta, by a collision with the Greek ship Dimos travelling to Greece in 19th of February 1968. This merchant ship has been a home to a lot of sea animal in the cold deep waters. The visibility is sometimes very bad although she is in an area in Darnalles straits with very high current. Especially in the middle of the summer when the visibility is bad, Captain Frangos can be seen from 30 meters. The ship lying in 47 meters is all covered with sponges and corals. The first ones that get a glimpse on your eyes are the red corals that can be seen mostly in Ayvalik and depths of Marmara. The 1530 gross tonned ship that is 125 meters long, is lying on her one side in the bottom. Because the ship is very large and the current is very strong, the photographers have a hard time trying to take a photograph. So more than one dive must be made in order to explore and view the ship totally.

Also there is not enough information now. I am writing some info about the ship Dimos, hoping it will be helpful to find more information.

Ex Name(s): Thesprotia
IMO: 7392543
Shipowning Co.: Exas NE
Flag: GR
Reg. Port: Piraeus
Reg.No.: 4857
Signal: SV3910
Year of Built: 1974
Type: FB
Gross: 998
Net: 498
Dwt: 0
Length: 72,84
Breadth: 15,36'
Depth: 3,89
Draught: 2,28
7392543 DIMOS P SV3910 Passenger Landing Craft N/A 1975 06 Greece