Dumlupinar Submarine Wreck:

Dumlupinar Submarine Wreck (USS Blower SS-325)

Cons. Started:
Max Depth:


Max Time Submerged:
Scout Time:

12th August 1943
10th August 1944
1,526 tons (surafaced), 2,424 tons (submerged)
95m * 8,3m * 4,6m
120 m
20,25 knots surfaced
8,75 knots submerged
4 tane 5400 hp diesel motor
4 tane 2740 hp electrical motor
2 propeller
48 hours while 2 knots
75 days
11,000 nautical miles (20,000 km) while surfaced at 10 knots speed (19 km/hr)
10 21 inches (533mm) torpedo tube
1 5 inçlik (127mm) deck gun
4 machine gun

Dumlupinar was completed in 23rd April 1944 and started her missions as "USS Blower" in US Navy. She was a Balao type submarine. She has a bad reputation because of the accidents that she ran into. Her first war mission was in Pearl Harbor in 16th December 1944 under the command of Lt. Cdr. J.H. Campbell. She completed her first mission in 17th January 1945. She made three scouting trips until the war endede in Java And South China seas. Between 1946 and 1949 she completed her missions comissioned to the Pasific Fleet. In 16th of November 1950, she has been given to Turkiye and called "Dumlupinar". In 4th april 1953, while returning from the Nato training mission "Blue Sea", she collided with the Swedish Cargo Ship "Naboland" in Nara region, Canakkale and sunk. Nowadays she is lying in 90 meters depth.

Inonu I and DUmlupinar submarines started their voyage home to Golcuk after completing their missions in the Nato training in mediterennan. In the night connecting 3rd of april to 4th ,they passed Canakkale straits returning home without knowing what will happen. The trip that was passing without a problem has ended for Dumlupinar at 02:10 o'clock Am.n son buldu.

Hidden After The Fog

And that moment...

Lituenant Huseyin Inkaya was on the deck continuing his duty although he was not on shift. While they were near Nara, somethign strange caught his eyes on their rote. Right at this moment, there was a loud noise that none understand where from and the soldiers fall to the sea. Only the five of the eight crew that where on the deck while collision, were lucky to open their eyes in water. The two of them died colliding to the propellers and one of them drawned. Naboland was strucked to Dumlupinar from her torpedo room from right. The sound of the collision has been heard from the ships anchored in the Eceabat harbour. Dumlupinar that has faced to this huge impact, started sinking from front compartments. And she couldnt resist the huge collision and sunked to the straits' dark waters in seconds. But the crew has some time live. There was a huge explosion in the central compartment of Dumlupinar that was sinking fast. There was no electricity. The sailors that saw the submarine was taking water from bow, tried to reach to the stern. They lost a lot of their friends while trying to reach the stern torpedo compartment. While Dumlupinar was sinking, 22 sailors reached the stern torpedo compartment. Dumlupinar gave their first war hero deads by this...

Custom's Ship At The Scene

Same night, the Custom's ship that was anchored in the Eceabat Harbour, was warned by a small motor ship. The person on the ship told them about the collision near Nara and asked them to get to the scene. When the ship reached to the collision area, the sea was like a circus area. All of Naboland's rescue boats were on sea, they have throwed their phosphorus life jackets to sea and fired a lot of flares. Custom's ship has taken onboard the rescued sailors from Dumlupinar who was on the sea or rescued by the rescue boats. The sailors have been taken to the hospitals around very quickly. But still there was 81 person under the water , noone knowing if they were alive or not. There was nothing else to do but to hope that they were alive and to call the "Kurtaran" ship, the submarine rescue ship.


The sun has been arised in Nara bay. Because of the lightened weatheri the fisher boats around the area saw the communication port that throwen by Dumlupinar while she was sinking. The custom's ship went directly to the comm port and the second handsman of the customs ship Selim Yoluduz reached for the phone and read the inscription on it that says "Dumlupinar submarine comissioned to the sea forces sunk here, Open the hatch and contact with submarine". He opened the hatch and took the phone and said " Hi" with hope...

The customs officer waiting an answer has been relax when he heard the answer: "Yes, I am Lituenant Selami". Getting the answer what he was waiting, Selim Yoluduz asked to the lt. Selami about their condition. The answer that he got was explaining the horrible condition in Dumllupinar. Lt. Selami told him that the submarine was staying still 15 degrees to starboard, that their electricity was off and they were 22 persons in the stern torpedo room. Selim Yoluduz told him that they were in the Nara bay of Canakkale and their submarine was in aproximately 90 meters depth. He said "don't worry we will get you out of there. Kurtaran is on its way." The words that Lt selami told him has been written to his ears and heart : "We salute our families. We know that you will save us. For our country..."

This was the first conversation of Lt Selami with the people on the surface. The people's hope was fading out while the rescue tries of the Kurtaran ship that came aproximately 11:00 o'clock was giving out no results. After the first conversation the people talked to Lt selami were in order Canakkale Sea Forces Admiral Zeki Adar, Selim Yoluduz and second captain of the Inonu I Submarine, Suat Tezcan. While the time of them was finishing, the hopes were fading out on the surface. Although all this there were no hesitate or sadness in the voice of Lt. selami. After a while for another talk, they reached for the phone. The sounds coming was like explaining their will. They were praying. Aproximately at 15:00 o'clock the cable that was holding the communicaton port broke. There would be no other news from Dumlupinar...

The words "For our country" was the last words heard from the Dumlupinar lying in 84 meters depth.

Kurtaran Ship adn The Rescue Operations

After the accident, when Admiral Sadik Altincan, Governor Safaeddin Karnakci and other autorities arrived to the region, the rescue operations started. In the mean time Inonu 1 submarine who didn't notice the accident returned to the accident region to help the rescue operations. There were other ships on the water to help the rescue operations. The rescue operations continued in the drifty waters of Canakkale but this efforts couldn't save the crew of Dumlupinar. A lot of divers tried to reach to the submarine but none of them could tie the saving port to the submarine. Although everything done to save them, they couldn't save the crew and the submarine.

In the tuesday morning all of the hope was lost because a submarine only lets her crew to live three days. After 72 hours the air left in the submarine wouldn't let them to live. And at 02:15 o'clock the three days period was over. All the hope for the 22 people in the submarine were lost. The following day at 15:00 o'clock they made a ceremony on the ship "Basaran" for them and a lot of flowers left on the water for them.

The Sailors We Lost With Dumlupinar

Kur Alb Hakki Burak, Makine Kd Yzb Nasit Ongoren, Makine Yzb Affan Kayali,

Guverte Utgm Ismail Ture, Makine Utgm Fikret Coskun, Guverte Tgm Bulent Orkun,

Guverte Tgm Macit Sengun

Astsb Kd Bscvs:

Sevki Ozsekban, Ali Tayfun, Emin Akan, Omer Oney, Mehmet Denizmen, Sait Yildirim

Astsb Bscvs:

Cemaleddin Denizkiran, Salahaddin Cetindemir, Zeki Gider, Kemal Acun, Huseyin Ucan, Cemal Kaya, Naci Ozaydin

Astsb Cvs:

Bahri Serseren, Ihsan Icdemir, Selami Ozben, Ibrahim Altintop, Saban Mutlu, Ihsan Coskun, Hamd Reis,

Samim Nebioglu, Mustafa Dogan, Ihsan Aral, Zeki Acikdag, Necdet Yaman, Tugrul Cabuk, Mehmet Ali Yilmaz

Mukellef Cavuslar:

Karasulu Veysel Saygili, Rizeli Ramazan Yurdakul

Mukellef Onbasilar:

Milasli Niyazi Giritli, Istanbullu Zugfer Ceylan, Istanbullu Ibrahim Islemeci, Trabzonlu Murat Yildirim,

Bodrumlu Mehmet Kizilisik, Bodrumlu Emin Suzer


Canakkaleli Mehmet Demirel, Bigali Ali Gokcu, Antalyali Nurettin Alabacak, Bandirmali Omer Yalcin,

Edremitli Ali Aslan, Lapsekili Ulfeddin Akar, Sileli Bekir Sari, Surmeneli Yusuf Demir, Rizeli Mehmet Aydin,

Sokeli Mustafa Ozsoy, Marmarisli Nuri Acar, Corlulu Hudai Cagdan, Lapsekili Kadir Demiroglu,

Tekirdagli Fikri Ulastirici, Bigali Huseyin Sayim, Bartinli Huseyin Kayan, Izmirli Kenan Odacioglu,

Lapsekili Ahmet Gunal, Bartinli Mustafa Tasci, Canakkaleli Hasan Bozoglu, Bursali Ibrahim Aksoy,

Izmirli Feridan Kircali, Ordulu Ismail Ozdemir, Carsambali Hasan Arslan, Inebolulu Ahmet Ozkaya,

Canakkaleli Enver Ucar, Focali Necati Kalan, Inebolulu Murat Suyabatmaz, Giresunlu Mehmet Demir,

Giresunlu Galip Yilmaz, Goreleli Hasan Kelleci

We pray for them...