Casabianca Mine Layer Ship Wreck:

Casabianca French Mine Layer Ship Wreck

The ships construction has been completed in Gironde (Bordo) in 1895. She was 80 meters long, weighted 970 tons and she could carry up to 100 mines. She was first a torpedo ship when contructed but then in 1913, she has been modified and became a mine layer ship. The crew was consisted of 6 liutenants and 132 privates.

In 3rd of June 1915, she was sunked by a collision to one of her own mines while laying mines in Golf of Smyrna.

Renseignements historiques :

1897       ROCHEFORT armé 
1898-1901 ROCHEFORT en réserve
1901-1904 ROCHEFORT armé- en TUNISIE
1905-1908 ROCHEFORT en réserve
1909 ROCHEFORT armé
1910-1912 ROCHEFORT en réserve
1913-1914 ROCHEFORT en réserve
Mouilleur de mines
1-1-1913 Rattaché à la 1ère Armée Navale bsé à TOULON
3-8-1914 Opére au large de la GRECE et de MALTE Mouille des mines pour isoler les côtes TURQUES
1915 Coulé dans le LEVANT
2-6-1915 Saute sur une mine devant PHOCEE 86 officiers et matelots disparurent 66 sauvés
3-6-1915 Coule à SMYRNE par suite de l'explosion d'une mine à bord