Bozburun Byzantine Wreck:

Bozburun Byzantine Wreck:

When historical wrecks are investigated, you will notice a time period of 400 years that we don't have information about between Yassiada and Serce Bay Wrecks. The discovery of this wreck was very important to fill this period.

The wreck was founded in Bozburun near Selimiye. The archeological work of the work has been done by a group of people leaded by Fred Hocker. Because of the weather conditions a two floored platform was constructed near the archeological site. This wrecks archeological work has been done in a very professional manner. Especially the work on amphoras have been taken very seriously. The residues left inside them have been put to another container for later examination. Amphoras were put in a field seperated in sea, for protection from sudden changes while waiting their turn to be examined. And after that they put the amphoras in unsalted water pools to purify them from salt. After the amphoras were taken out of the site and the sand layer has been wiped out, they reached to the hull of the Bozburun Wreck which was in a very good shape. The researches that have been made show that this ship sunk in the 6th century or in the beginning of the 7th century.

The wreck's depth starts in 26 meters and descends to 36 meters vertical to the rocks.

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A lot of amphoras, money coins from that century and a lot of artifacts have been found in this wreck that would give us a lot of information about the ships time period. Olive and grapes have been found in a big part of amphoras. Also some of the amphoras were carrying wine.