Unknown Shipwrecks:

Unknown Shipwrecks:

Canakkale Büyük Kemikli Bay:

There is landing boat in the north side of the sea light in 18 meters. Its possible to enter to this boat from back of it.

Mavria (Rabbit) Islands - Bozcada Island

There are four shipwrecks around this island.

Kefalos - Gokceada:

England used this island as a sea base during World War I. There is wreck in 18 meters near Aydıncık Bay (Also called English Harbour) Posibble a German Submarine wrecked this ship.

Ekinlik Island - Istanbul

There are two metal shipwrecks around this region.

Pasalimani Island - Istanbul

There is a metal shipwreck in this region.

Ottoman Wreck: Kas, Antalya

This a known diving spot in 18 meters in Kas.

La Villa - Kas

It is a wreck 16 meters long lying in 25 meters near Guvercin Island, Kas.

Kanyon Wreck - Kas

After divng to Kanyon while you go a little forward you can see a wreck 40 meters long that sunk in 1960. The divers in Kas, call this wreck "Cotton Wreck" because of her cargo. Her motors been blowed up by her owners in the late years for salvage.

Metaxa Wreck

The wreck of a Greek ship that is carrying the gifts for Turkey against the foos help that has been made to Greece.

Bozca Island Plane Wreck

Near Bozca island, there is a plane wreck lying in 17 meters depth, taught to be shot and sunk in the World War I.