Alexandra Ship Wreck:

Alexandra Ship Wreck

Size   :     110.5 * 21.0 * 11.6 ft 

Weight :     182 gross tons

Power  :     400 ihp

She was an English Fishing boat produced by Smith's Dock Company, Ltd. North Shields Yard No.134 in 17th February 1904.

She was sunked by Turkish Shore gunman Mustafa Ertugrul and his men by a good trick. During last days of the World War, French boats Alexandra and Paris II was commencing their sentry duties along the Antalya coast. They were making the transportation very hard by sinking every ship they saw. Mustafa Ertugrul sunked Paris II near Kemer in 13th of December 1917 by using a sailing ship as a bait. He also used the same trick to sunk the Alexandra but Alexandra was cautious after Paris II. He decided a different trick would do the job.

He loaded a sailing ship with goods. One of the goods was a crate loaded with dynamite hidden under oranges. Alexandra was too cautious and they didn't aprroach to the ship. They send a small boat to the ship to control her. After controlling the ship, they towed her to Alexandra. When they were loading the crates to Alexandra, the fuse ignited with the movement of the crate and blasted loudly thus sinking the ship.

Wreck's Condition:

The wreck isn't been found yet. The reasons of this could be the depth of the sinking area or the sources being not too absolute or both.